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Will it work????

Started by honesttjohn, July 12, 2022, 06:17:04 PM

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Newbie here.
Looking at buy a RR 6 to use for hunting.  Cheaper than Quietkat, Rambo, Mule, and the rest of the name brands.  Question is -  will it pull a sled with a 150-200 deer (or gear) on it?  I live in Michigan and would only be going .5-1 mile out and back, mostly flat farm land with just a tinge of woods. 


honesttjohn, I think your asking to much from a 500 watt motor peaking at 750 watts. I would be looking for a bike with at least a true 750 watt motor or even 1000 watt. Check out the Ariel Rider Kepler,  not for the speed but the 52 volt 1000 watt power. 


Less than 6 miles total, and pulling 150 lbs. Flat terrain, one way 3 miles, Should work, Unless you are A VERY heavy  person, I am 6'1" and 220 lbs. And get 25 miles easy with 3 bars left, No extra weight though, Just me and my gear on my 2021 Radrover 5, Which is about 330 lbs. No sled here, Just gear on my racks and ammo boxes.

Just saw the other post about a 500 watt motor, I have the California 750 watt hub rear drive, So you others with smaller please chime in and educate me. So sorry if I put up some bad advise honesttjohn,


I'm right at 200 lbs.  Just clothes, and bow or gun extra.  Plastic sled would be used for game (hopefully) and maybe 50# of other stuff.


OK let's get this subject rolling. I believe that the motor Rad says is a 750 watt motor is really a 500 watt motor that they power with a max 750 watts and that is used on US sold bikes. 


I'm open to all suggestions.  This is all new to me and I know very little about these things.


Keplers are backordered and there seems to be a big problem getting parts and service.  Just more confusing.


You'll get more pulling power at the ground with a smaller-diameter 20" wheel, like the Mini or Runner series.  Same rated torque as Rovers, but more force applied to the road surface due to the shorter radius.  CitizenCycle did a video comparing his Rover and Mini for a grassy hillclimb.  The Rover quit about 2/3 up the hill, the Mini made it up and over easily; same motor, battery and controller.  Plus the lower CG and seating position may prove beneficial off-road.

Or just slap a 35A upgrade controller on either style (except the newest ones with the controller and battery inside the frame) and don't even worry about not enough power.  My 1,600w MiniST2 scoots pretty good up any steep hill in our hilly town.
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


Just ordered a Rambo Savage.  750w mid motor.  For right at the same price +/- the regular price of the RR6.


Quote from: honesttjohn on July 13, 2022, 04:08:34 PM
Just ordered a Rambo Savage.  750w mid motor.  For right at the same price +/- the regular price of the RR6.

Nice Ebike, I think this is a great choice, I may be looking into one for myself.


750w mid motor....carry a spare chain, masterlink, and tools.  That's what the fellows in the Oregon woods are telling me.  It's a small amount to pack, but they find they can break the chains when the rear wheel goes over something like a root, that makes it give a little hop.

There can be a lot of power through your gear reduction, for sure.