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Acquiring Display Replacement (NOT UPGRADE)

Started by StinkyZ, July 04, 2022, 05:50:12 PM

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Dead Display on city ST3

I'm unable to use my bike's electrical system because I cannot boot the display (it got waterlogged and I believe something shorted/corroded).

Rad's website has the LCD upgrade for the runner and mission, but those only have 4 PAS levels. I think I would be fine with losing a level if that's what that means, but I'm not really sure how compatible those are with other models.

I also found this display:
which is clearly modeled after the rad display, but it doesn't explicitly claim to be compatible and has no written reviews.

Has anyone else gone through this process of getting a replacement display? Has anyone tried either of the displays I've mentioned on a 5-PAS-level model?


So as I've been digging, I found that the radpower display is apparently a rebranded Kingmeter SW LCD (aka sw900) with some configurations locked. I can't find any info on if the s900 I linked above is any different than the sw900.

Has anyone used a sw900 on a rad bike (with everything else stock)?

Still trying to get to the bottom of it.