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Fell off my bike - looking for lightweight armored shirt

Started by BluegrassPicker, June 22, 2022, 08:23:27 AM

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Hey - I fell off my radcity  4 last week (victim of an edge trap in the cement) My helmet and gloves saved my head and hands! I had a 3 inch crack in my helmet and did not feel a thing on my head.

However, I broke 2 ribs and have some road rash on my shoulder. When I ride my motorcycle, I ride with full gear. I'm now looking at beefing up my bicycle gear.

I am looking for a lightweight breathable long sleeve shirt with elbow and shoulder armor. Any ideas? I mostly ride paved bike paths and streets and a little gravel.


A Google search for "lightweight cycling protective clothing" brings up some nice choices, including options on Amazon. Might pick some up myself since I'm still recovering from my last crash, lol.