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Newbie Bike Carriers question

Started by charl18, June 13, 2022, 07:04:51 AM

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Hi all  I am a newbie, It's my first post here!

As I foolishly didn't spec a tow-hitch I'm looking at alternatives to transport a couple of bikes trying to decide between a generic 'strap on' rear carrier and roof mount options.

Right now got my eye on some Thule Wingbar Evos and a couple of Thule ProRide 598.

I've never used these before, so I'm curious about other people's experiences with them...

1. How easy/hard is it to get the bikes on and off the roof mounts? Do you need a take a set of steps with you? Can one person do it alone? It seems to me that lifting a big mountain bike a couple of meters onto the roof and trying to keep the front wheel straight while securing it into the carrier is a recipe for knocks and scratches.
2. How is the noise and handling affected with bikes on the roof?
3. Are they sturdy and secure enough that you can just 'forget' about them and drive as normal, or are you constantly aware of the movement and shakes?