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Which Rad is best for me?

Started by amydeaustin, June 11, 2022, 05:39:19 AM

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I plan to purchase a bike for my birthday to use in Colorado in the summer.  It will primarily be to toodle around town, but I also would like to use on light trails (not much elevation) and gravel roads where I think fat tires could be helpful (ie Radrover).  That being said,  I think I'd also love a feature of a second seat to carry a passenger when I use it in town like the Radrunner Plus but I am not sure if I could get a Radrover Plus and add a seat to it?  Maybe that's not even possible?

What would you recommend?  Assume 20% trail and 80% town.


I think the Rad Runner Plus is the best if you plan to have a passenger because the Rad Runner has the strongest rack - a built-in welded on rack.  The passenger is supposed to be lightweight - like a child but maybe the rack can handle more. Don't rely on my word here - I am just guessing.  A heavy passenger will void the warranty.  I think the built-in rack is a necessity because if you overload a rack it will start swaying and the built-in rack is probably the strongest.  It may still make the bike unmanageable.

The downside is if you manage to damage the welded in rack by overloading it.  Then the whole frame is damaged. Also, you may get away with it for a time, but eventually, the rack may have pre-mature failure.  In that case, you also have damaged the whole frame.

A grown-up passenger is probably not a good idea.  The cops may pull you over. 

Even if you don't have a passenger, I think the 20-inch tires give the best performance. Once again,  I am guessing.  I think Rad is using the same hub for big wheels as for the 20-inch wheels.  Therefore, you are getting more power with a 20-inch and you will need that power when are carrying a passenger.


I'll second the suggestion for the RadRunner Plus. Solid and very well equipped, and made for a passenger. The total weight limit is 300 pounds, so your passenger would need to be a child or a lightweight teen or adult. If your passenger is going to be an adult on a regular basis, the RadWagon will be better with a weight capacity of 350 pounds. That being said, Rad frames are overbuilt and meet higher standards than most bikes, so the weight capacity is conservative. That being said, I have carried adult passengers on my RadMini 4 which has a capacity of 275 pounds, and though it was for an emergency (stranded Onewheel rider), the bike handled it with ease.