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Charging the battery...

Started by MJLStickMan, June 09, 2022, 03:10:46 PM

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I have noticed that sometimes when I put my battery to charge the charger will not change the status to charging. This is not because of a fuse issue which I have had before which is what makes this strange. After checking both fuses which are fine, I plug back in charger to battery and the lights will stay the same no charging happening............until.........just wait for it..... after around 5 mins the charger will decide to start charging which seems a strange to me. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem? That being said this only occurs after I have ran down the battery to 15-20 % and try to charge soon after use. I am not sure but I think they may be something in the BMS that tells the battery not to charge until a cool down period goes by. I have notice this with other rechargeable devices I own that will not charge directly after use needing a cool down period. Is this normal?


I was told by Rad that I should wait about an hour after riding before charging the battery. They said the battery is in drain mode and should rest  before being charged.


MJLStickMan, Yes it's normal for a battery charger to wait until your batteries have "rested" before recharging. Our battery chargers are smart enough to do so. My battery operated tools however come with a warning to wait 15 minutes after use before setting the battery on the charger.


My Dyson vacuum cleaner says to wait until the battery cools off before charging.  Same idea.  I think it is best.  It is not so much the time as the temperature. 

So unless you absolutely have to ride it ASAP.  I would just wait a few hours and then charge it overnight.  I have a charge timer and I have a pretty good idea of how long to charge to just slightly undercharge so I just set the timer before I go to bed.

When I wake up, if the battery is still not 100% I give it another hour or 2.  I try to undercharge for the first charge.