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Recommendations for bike rack with a ramp for 2 radrover 6+'s

Started by Flyingsquirl001, June 06, 2022, 10:20:20 PM

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My wife and I are looking at ordering 2 x radrover 6+ bikes.  We want a rack with a ramp.  I've only found a few that have the weight rating.
Option 1) Hollywood destination Ebike (70 lbs per bike)
Has anyone used this bike and can tell me how sturdy and secure the bikes are?  The company has a video that shows using a cargo strap to secure the bikes.

Option 2) Thule easy fold (it rated capacity is 65 lbs per bike)

Option 3) Yakima on-ramp (weight rating 66 lbs per bike)

I would love some feedback and recommendations on racks.



All three are good choices and in my opinion, the Hollywood Racks is the best of the three. Because of Hollywood Racks popularity, they have issues with their supplies and delayed shipment dates. They also have a cheaper version, the Hollywood Rack Sports Rider HR-1150 for about $500 that may suit your needs. Also with all bike racks, be sure your hitch is of good quality as not all hitches are the same and have it professionally installed. One last point. Especially when transporting two electric bikes at the same time, use secondary safety straps to insure a secure mounting of both bikes to the rack. Good Luck

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