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Upgrading Seats

Started by Firemarshal Bill, May 26, 2022, 11:15:05 AM

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Firemarshal Bill

We are getting ready to pull the trigger on purchasing two new Rad Runner Plus ebikes, but we want to upgrade the seats to something like Cloud 9 or Bikeroo cruiser seats.  Will either of these new cushy seats require a new seat post for the Rad Runner Plus frame?  Any suggestions for a nice wide and comfortable for us old folks?


I'll defer to a Runner owner to comment about the seatpost for certain, since I have a MiniST, but my guess is it's the same post diameter and will fit fine.  Don't rely on just my word for that, though.  As I recall, the stock seat is shaped to fit the rear cushion of the Runner to make one long seat, so if you change to a different one, make sure it will fit your bike if you have to lower it down to the level of the rear cushion to fit you.

The reason I'm here is to comment that it's like finding shoes you like; everybody will have their own preferences and choice for the "right" seat.  I went through 5 seats, not counting the one shipped with my Mini, including a Bikeroo and two Cloud-9s before finally settling on my last Cloud-9 as the keeper seat.  The others were fine quality and design, just didn't "sit right" for me, but fortunately I took advantage of Amazon's return policy to keep trying.  I gave the other C-9 to my sister and returned the others for credit.  The C-9 that I kept, by the way (, is flatter and a bit less "cushy" than the other one, yet is more comfortable for me - I've seen a number of comments that a soft seat doesn't necessarily mean a comfortable ride without chafing or nerve pinching.  That's why you need to give whatever you try some time to find out.  Its long snout seems unnecessary, but I got used to that.

So just a heads-up; you may get lucky on your first try, but be prepared to do some experimenting with various models and give each at least a half-hour under your butt - I even iterated the process by going back to previous seats just to make sure the latest was an improvement.

But the final C-9 and a Redshift shock-absorbing seatpost have made everything south of the border quite happy for my riding.  By the way, it might be a good idea to make sure whichever seat you choose can be mounted either on a post or rails, just in case you buy a shock-post later on that has rails like the Redshift.  All the seats I tried could be mounted either way; I think that's pretty standard these days.
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Radio Runner

The Runners seat and seat post are an integrated one piece item. To mount a Cloud9 you will need a new seat post in the diameter of 27.2

It must be EXACLY 27.2. To small it will slip, To big it will jam and be stuck forever. Put a thin layer of grease on the new post when installing.

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