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travel container or travel case

Started by RadTexan, May 24, 2022, 03:42:24 PM

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Hi folks,
Newbe here..wife and I just got the RadExpand5's, and are looking to take them in our Airstream next week to WY and MT.  Looking for solutions for travel to keep them from getting banged up.  My take on dimensions for a storage bin is 20"W x 36"L; but finding who has a storage bin that can accommodate this size is a challenge so far today.  Started looking at zipper bags for transport, but nothing comes up that says "Rad folding bikes".  Any help on either solution is appreciated; not trying to brake the bank here, just protect these.  I plan to carry in the trailer or could put in back of truck on side or back seat perhaps, but remember, I have 2 so only one would fit inside and kind of a pain to get in/out of back seat....thoughts/help appreciated..


search this topic Tote for the RadExpand 5 Recommendation 


I use the 70 gal tote HDX tote from Home Depot - works great!
You can't use the lid as the folded handle bars hang on the outside and the bike overall is a bit higher than the top edge of the tote, but at least the it keeps the bike stable and the wheels make it much easier to load and unload in my SUV.  I think it would work well in an RV, but it sounds like you plan to have it outside in the elements, so unless you can put them inside the RV, this may not help.
I got this idea from another members post on the Expand page.  Thanks to them - you'll see pictures there too.


Thanks.  I looked at that container today again at Home Depot...$59 I believe.  Heavy and not sure if it will fit in the Airstream isle.  I need to get one and see if it fits tomorrow.  I think a carry case would be easier to load/unload/store in the RV if there is one, but handle bars are an issue with this bike.  Some other brands folding handlebars are not an issue...if it isn't something, it's something says Rosanadana...I will report back tomorrow.  Anymore ideas are welcome/appreciated!