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Rad 6+ First test ride

Started by JerryLM, May 16, 2022, 05:59:47 PM

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Well I got my bike the step thru version about 3 weeks ago but the weather here in Or. has not been cooperative. I took my sweet time assembling the bike over the past week and adding accessories I had stacked up.
Today the sun has come out and so I just returned from my first short ride, bike runs great, shifts smooth, brakes work great, an overall pleasurable ride!!
One thing I will need to change is the seat, good seat but my rear is not tough enough for it, so a suspension post and new seat are in order for sure.
I am no bike mechanic but it was straight forward to assemble and the instructions on line are very detailed and great. I got the bike as soon as the 300 dollar discount came out and for 1699.00 IMO it's a great buy. Very happy with it so far. In PAS 1 with 7th gear easy pedal and about 12 mph with little effort and the throttle is great too for getting going.
Hope to ride many miles in the future. BTW I turn 80 in July, and I am very glad I decided on the step thru because with the RockBros bag on the rear rack it would be tough to swing over, I am only 5'9" and it is a perfect size for me.        Jerry


Jerry--so glad you like your new ride. Sounds like you know what the bike should be in fitting the seat for you. Plus you grabbed the discount--a real plus when you've found a bike you really enjoy. I have similar thoughts about my new and first time RAD.

Radio Runner

Not sure were you are but I'm in Oregon as well and it was 70 degrees last Tuesday and Wednesday.  ;D