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Front and Rear wheel axle locks

Started by JamesAC, April 20, 2022, 04:38:53 PM

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I just purchased a RadRover 6 Plus and am interested in locking both the front and rear axles.  Can anybody recommend specific manufacture's name and part numbers for products that will work?  I keep running into dead ends.


Do you mean the quick release front axle and the bolted on rear axle? Or do you mean locking the wheel to the frame when leaving your bike for a short time?

Many manufacturers make more or less secure quick release axles for the front. They even make them for the bikes that have a quick release rear axle too. If you have a solid rear axle, like with our Rad bikes, some of them have axle nuts that are more secure than regular axle nuts too. Nothing is perfect though so if you're looking for something that may/can/will prevent a determined thief you are going to be disappointed.

Pinhead, Hexlok, Abus, Pitlock etc are some of the manufacturers you can look up. Each of them have a different approach and they are all relatively effective.


I spoke to customer service today (very helpful).  They said the front axle is 135mm.  I assume diameter is standard and I was able to easily locate axle's that were this size.  The seat is M6 31.88mm, also according to customer support.  I want to remove the quick release and install locking nuts, the reason for my call.


Does anyone know what the size of the rear axle is?  and what the TPI or pitch is for the threads?  Looking for wheel security.  I've seen wheel locks for cars for M12 size bolts.  I don't know if those would work as well.