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RR 6+ rear fender vibration

Started by B Holtz, April 19, 2022, 06:08:02 PM

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B Holtz

Hello all... Just put together my way cool RR 6 plus step over. On my maiden ride, I'm getting a BAD vibration / wire housing slap / rattling, up under the rear fender. Ya know the wire and housing going to the brake light. Wire housing are in the clips. Going to drive me nuts. Any thoughts? 


There are the official answers.  Talk to Rad.  Look at everything.  Tighten things up.

My answer may void your warranty. So you have to consider this risk.

Hot glue gun. If you put just a tiny bit here and there, it may help.  And, if you don't like it, tiny spots of glue can be removed with your fingers.  You need to get the right glue and test it - as in testing if you can remove it yourself if you are not happy.  Seriously, test the removal process on a piece of junk plastic and junk wiring.  Also, don't apply hot glue to delicate clips and stuff.  Just glue the cable to the fender (once again, assuming you tested and can remove it later if you regret it). 

B Holtz

Eric7 thanks...
I thought about that application. Glad someone else did to.