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Bike will not turn off Error 31 flashing

Started by Biker98686, April 15, 2022, 08:08:54 AM

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Rad City 5 Plus. Wife has less than 20 miles on this bike.
Battery is fully charged as indicated on the battery.
Bike powers up, then an E shows up on the controller and the controller battery indicator does not show full and missing bars, the center display has a triangle with an exclamation point and flashes 31.
None of the buttons respond to the controls, bike does assist but not sure on the power setting, it will not turn off without removing battery.

Checked all the connections and they are tight, clean and dry.

Any ideas on what to do now?


Error 31 means the remote's buttons are being mashed. I had this on my rover 6+ when I got it. Rad suggested I pop the cover off and then try to snap it back in place, being careful to align the buttons. This worked for me and I have not had a problem since.


THANK YOU! Popped the bezel off with just my fingernail, no foreign material under it, gave it a blow and put it back on. Everything works great now, maybe a button was just sticky.
Curious if anyone has a link to a reference to what all the error codes mean, for future error messages that arise.
Thanks again.