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Range Per Charge

Started by Kaycee2, April 07, 2022, 07:20:41 AM

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Since ordering my Mini Step-Thru, I've read posts in various forums that there's quite a delay with the delivery time in Canada. While waiting, I've looked into other bikes and found one that has a lot of the same features yet the maximum range per charge is significantly lower at 55kms (elsewhere it said up to 40kms) versus the Rad's range of 72km (45 miles).

Can anyone confirm their experience with the Mini's range per charge? Thanks! This is the other bike:

Radio Runner

45mi would be under ideal conditions. Tailwind, downhill with lots of pedaling etc.

The battery size on the rad mini under "real world" conditions is more like 20-25

All battery run times will advertise  exaggerated numbers no matter the brand.


19 miles for the first 2 bars.

This was when it was new and I thought 12 miles per hour was a blazing fast speed and why would anyone want to go faster.  Based on that, I figure I can go 30 miles- IF I TAKE IT EASY.  As you may have read, the battery meter is not linear so the first 2 bars is about half the charge on the battery.

Now, I am using the battery a lot more, going faster, I'll say about 20 mph.  I am more adept in using the battery to help with a standing start, to get me out of trouble if I suddenly lose speed due to a bump on the grass that I did not anticipate when I am about to fall in a slow turn.  So the range is less because I am using the battery more.

All of this is a guess.  The most I've ever gone in one shot is about 20 miles.

●●● Has anyone gone 30 miles with one battery charge?? I am interested in knowing too.  ●●●


I got my RW4 last year in July and on one occasion I rode to a friends campsite and back. It was about 40 Kms in total, there and back,  so about 25 miles. I had two bars left on my display. At the time I was using pedal assist level 1.
I'm not sure how far I could go now as I use my bike differently than when it was new. I'm not concerned about it though as I live in town and actually don't need to cover long distances regularly. I expect riding to my friends campsite is about as far as I'll go anyway and it does 40 to 50 kms with ease (25 to 30 miles). And that's enough for me.


I usually ride a local mountain bike trail that is about 7 miles out-and-back.  The trail is 2.7 mile from my house, and so a full "loop" is a little over 12 miles.  I can do three of those "loops" and still have enough battery to climb the steep hill back to my house. 

I do ride the grades on the trails in 2nd gear, in order to keep my speed above 8 mph as much as possible.  It seems to be more efficient than slowing down and riding in 1st gear.

I have seen 39 miles on one charge, and still showed two bars (except at full throttle...where it would drop to one bar.)

To be completely my age, the "butt" gives out before the "batt" does!

Water Doc

This all depends on your riding technique/ preference.   We usually ride about 20 miles per day and typically have 4 bars left but we ride rural hard surfaced roads and maintain PAS 2 (and occasionally PAS 3). On rides when we have exceeded 25 miles we still have 3 bars left,  My conclusions are if you ride conservatively you can easily go 40-45 miles but if you are riding more aggressive it will be less.   I have seen comments of riders using PAS 1 and significantly exceeding 50 miles,   We re-charge every day after we ride to make sure that we have adequate battery reserve for our next days ride. 
RadMini4 and RR+


I did 44km the other day on flat ground but in very windy conditions, and I still had three solid bars left when I got home. So, that's a mileage you can ride with complete confidence. Bear in mind that those three remaining bars put together will not last as long as the fourth and fifth pair. All bars are not created equal. Most I've ever gotten out of a charge is 72km, but that was when I ran out of juice and had to pedal home with zero assist, or maybe 10 watts or so.