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Tucson Bike Shop?

Started by dml49, March 08, 2022, 03:27:17 PM

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Can anyone recommend a reputable Tucson bike shop that can handle maintenance on RAD bikes?


Here in Santa Cruz Ca. No bike shop will touch them, The only bike repair shops that will work on the Rad's do terrible sub standard work, I have been taken advantage of twice, WAY overpriced and horrible work done.

RJ in Tucson

Talk to Gary and Jesse Minard at Pima Street Bicycles. They are a repair-only facility with a few used bikes for sale. Gary will work on ebikes he can get parts for or will install your replacement part. He will not do mods such as second battery or upgrade your controller but is good on diagnosis and repair. Address is 5445 E Pima @ Craycroft Phone  (520) 326-4044