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Fork Mounts for RadRover 6+ with hydraulic brakes

Started by tneukam, February 03, 2022, 05:58:22 PM

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New owner of 2 awesome RadRover 6+ bikes and trying to figure out the best way to transport them in my Ram 1500 extra short bed (5' 7") with the tailgate closed. Looks like my only option is to remove the front tire and use a fork mount. Is there a problem or concern doing this with the hydraulic brakes on the bikes?  If it's not a problem are there any recommendations for a fork mount that's compatible and can carry the heavy load of a RR 6+? 

Appreciate your help!

Tamara Neukam
Boise, Idaho

Radding Along

You could try motorcycle style tie downs. Be sure to get the soft strap option where there is an extra strap on one end that allows you to wrap the extra strap around the handle bars instead of using the metal hook. Keeps the handlebars from getting scratched.

Basically the bike stays upright in the bed and a tie down is attached to each side of the handlebar, down to eye hooks in the bed. The compressed fork acts as part of the strap down process.

Your concerns are valid in regards to your hydraulic brakes when removing the front wheel. Your bike should have come with a plastic pad separator when it was new out of the box. You have to remove the separator before you can install the front wheel. If you saved that separator, you can put it back in whenever you need to remove the wheel. Otherwise you can buy one at a bicycle shop or Amazon for less than $5.

The separator keeps the caliper piston from pushing out of it's housing in the event you squeeze the brake lever by mistake after taking the front wheel off.


What is the height of the Rad To er 6 with the front wheel off ? I am trying to figure out if I can mount two bikes under a platform bed in a van.

Radding Along

In the standard position, the bars are 34-1/2" with the front wheel off. If you loosen the handlebars and rotate them down, they are 31".