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It's not broken, I AM!

Started by Joel52334, January 17, 2022, 06:50:36 PM

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Hi, Joel here;
I live in beautiful "tundric" East Central Iowa, between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.
On 1/29/2021 we'd not had any snow stay, but the ground was frozen hard.

I was taking a 9 mile round trip to/from the Medical Clinic in town (that's the funny part).  It was 34f and a little of a West wind.  I went from West to East, home was East to West, not really that cold. I dressed warmly, I looked at my high-top winter boots & thought "naaaa" it's not that nasty.  I already had on my KEY pin stripe bibs and 2x socks.

Oh hell no, on my way home, there is a place where our trail transitions to a street (going R and uphill) ...DAMN if there wasn't a hole there.  Tipped over & "my R foot wasn't right".  I was on my Orange RW4, with an Orange Jacket & Helmet. 

This spot is directly in front of the Fire District main station. In the driveway.  I had my phone at easy reach, I had to keep reconfirming the dispatcher, THEY WILL SEE ME! The EMTs pick up their kit at the station.  A neighbor drove by in 1 minute "hi John",  He stayed & took my bike home. In 2 minutes the EMTs were there, 3 minutes the Deputy was there, and 10 minutes the truck was there. 

I'd dislocated and broken my ankle.  The relocation event was quite happy and fun, wheeeeeeee.
A week later they did the break repair thing. I haven't seen the photos of before of after.  I have my 1st checkup with the Orthopod next Monday. 

But, I know I have to wait, but how long typically.  My RW4 is my wheeled transportation.  I am moving to town from out in the country.  (the town is Ceder Rapids, IA ~80K) (the country is South Amana, IA ~40 total)  A scary big jump!   LOL.

I have to look for 1st floor no ramp locations I know.  A garage would be nice (here in Tundric Iowa, our season is typically from November to mid-April) Please come visit!  Anything else to look for?   Just wondering.  TYVM   JLH  I'm ok, I'll get back to my RW4, Is there a transition Tri-E-Bike anyone thinks of ?
I'm an RW4 owner. I'm not using any of these ancient forums. (ICQ, AIM, MSN, YIM). Instead look for @joelhuebner, joel.huebner,, joel52334.
That's where you will find me.
This forum uses UTC time. GMT-0.  I'm at GMT-5 CDT.

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