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Reflective tape

Started by Veggyhed, January 05, 2022, 10:26:26 PM

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Looking for suggestions on brand of reflective tape to add to my bikes. I've read reviews on Amazon and they don't seem that great. Seems like the really nice tape that's highly reflective doesn't like to be applied to round objects.
I'm most curious if anyone's used the black reflective tape and how well that works. I've never seen it in the wild.

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Radding Along

When I last checked into reflective tape years ago, 3M's Solas tape was the most reflective. But I think I remember it only came in silver and possibly red. It's the stuff they use on the side of tractor trailers.

There are other brands of tape that are quite reflective though. And they come in multiple colors including black. As well as some that could stretch.

The issue I had with the tape I bought years ago, it lost its adhesion over time. So you may have to replace it from time to time when it starts looking frayed. But considering ebikes really should avoid the rain if possible, the tape may last longer.


Wally World sells good reflective tape in the trailer section. Only color choices are white or red, but it sticks very well and has good reflective qualities. I also use Speed Metal brand motorcycle rim strip tape from Cycle Gear. If it sits for awhile or gets cold it tends to tear easily, but it also sticks very well and has good reflective qualities. Finally, I purchased RydeSafe reflective decals. They don't stick well to curved surfaces or matte finish paint. The 2 mentioned above are not affected by either. So I just waste the RydeSafe decals on stupid stuff to rid of them. I purchased the rainbow pack and now have a bunch of colors I'll never use.

Now to be seen at night I found LED valve caps at Five Below in the sports/bicycle section. Kinda tall but they fit my RadRunner. Do 4 different colors and a bunch of flash/solid/varied options. So far water proof as well.


Wow I never thought about LED valve caps.

To be honest the reflective white line on the wheels is pretty impressive at night. Also my new panniers are also pretty bright with the reflective bands on them.

Black reflective tape on the fenders I think would look pretty good at night and decent during the day.

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I had some black reflective tape from a motorcycle vendor, Aerostich if I recall?, that looked very invisible on black surfaces but really popped when light hit it. Stuck very well to all surfaces. Strange thing is I went back on the site I purchased it from and couldn't find it again. If I stumble across it again I'll post the website.


I think the black would be pretty good on black fenders. Most of my commuting is done at night therefore more I can be seen the better. However I just received these new panniers and they have reflective stripe around them they seem to be pretty good.

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