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Will MiniST keep up with larger Rad bike?

Started by J_Crippen, January 05, 2022, 05:43:04 PM

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Hello Everyone,
I'm considering getting a MiniST since it has all of the features that I would want in an E-bike.  My only worry is that the 20" wheels will make it hard to keep up with my boyfriend if he ends up getting a RadRover or RadCity bike.  Does anyone have experience with this? 


It should not be a problem.

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Both bikes are limited to 20 mph.  I don't see a problem.  On a hill climb, it is possible that your friend would have trouble keeping up with you. However, a stronger cyclist can always pull away by using supplementary human power - riding at 22 mph in a burst here and there for example.  But I would say you should be able to catch up and not be a severe liability running at 20 mph.

Bicycling together, with regular bikes or ebikes is a group activity.  The faster bicyclist should adjust to accommodate the slower one.  If the slower cyclist is a burden, then you really have to look at the friendship - why are you all doing this?  I am not talking about you in particular but in any sort of group ride, group walking, group running, group skiing, there will be faster people and slower people. The idea (at least my idea) is not to torture the slow people to show superiority and everyone should have a good time.

On an ebike, it is easy and is perfect for group rides especially if both of you use the same battery.  I suggest a handicap system.  The faster rider limit him/herself to PAS 2.  The slower rider should have no limit.  Then everybody gets enough exercise.  And if the slower rider run out of battery, he/she should swap with the faster rider.  Once again, things are handicaped and everyone gets as much exercise as needed and nobody is left behind and nobody runs out of battery first.

Radding Along

Maybe you will be happy to hear, or possibly not. But the Mini is considered the peppiest model in their fleet. It feels like it takes off faster than their larger bikes. I suspect it's due to the bike's lower weight. You will not be at a disadvantage with a mini!

With that said, it's not a huge difference. It's not like a Mini would scare you. It just feels a little more peppy on startup. The mini is a great bike!

And as others have mentioned, all of Rad's bikes are class 2 bikes, meaning they are metered to not exceed 20mph via the throttle or the pedal assist. So the mini will top out at 20mph, just like any of Rads other bikes.

I assume you don't weigh as much as your boyfriend. If that's the case, your boyfriend may have to pedal a little harder to keep up with you!

Radding Along

By the way, in case you aren't aware, Rad does offer test rides in a lot of major cities. Just plug your zip code in their website under test rides to see if it's available in your area.

If a test ride is not available, call customer service to see where the nearest test ride location is located. It may be worth it to you to drive an hour or two to a test site so you are sure the bike is up to your standards.

Lastly, Rad offers a 14 day trial. If for some reason you aren't happy with the bike, box it up and send it back to Rad within 14 days.

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