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Noisy hydraulic brakes

Started by nolamike, December 20, 2021, 09:34:42 AM

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Hi there,
Happy owner of a RadCity 5 Plus stepthrough. Nice bike. One thing though, the hydraulic brakes are noisy! When the brakes are applied, a gentle grinding noise, I think of the metallic brakepads against the rotor. I checked to make sure the brake pads were not missing, or had shipping pads on them or some crazy thing—all looks well. And the rotors are smooth, you can't catch a fingernail across them, so they are not wearing extra fast or anything. They are just very noisy compared to any other disc brake bike I've ridden (just three or four).
Anyone else find this to be the case? Does it lessen with time? About 60 miles on my bike so far, over hilly terrain, so lots of brake use.


PV Bike Works Squeal out works great. Spoke to a bike mechanic as my Radcity5 plus did the same thing. First clean the rotor with rubbing alcohol. I put it in a spray bottle then took a cloth to wipe off. Be careful it's sharp around the rotor. You put this squeal out on the rotor and get some into the brake pad area too. Smear it on with your finger again be careful it's sharp around the rotor. Then ride bike on the flat and apply brakes to work it in. Brakes will be slippery so do on the flat. Then bring bike back and wipe off all of the squeal out. Use rubbing alcohol again to get all the squeal out off. Then take a air compressor to blow out any debris on the brake pads themselves. Might have to repeat twice but I didn't. There is a YouTube video on applying squeal out. Mechanic told me that is the only brand that worked for him. Sold on Amazon. Don't need a big jar.


When riding on a dusty dirt pathway, my RadCity 5+ rear brake does start squealing.  My solution: at home, mark the top of each pad, remove the cotter-pin, pull the pad & spring/bracket assembly, remove each pad, brush off loose dust, place a sheet of 320-400 grit emery paper on a flat surface, and sand off the glazing.  If the pad surface was not glazed (shiny), sand maybe 4-6 strokes, re-assemble with the pads on the same side as they came off of.  Test ride.  Hope this works for you.

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