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Rad Runner Plus studded tires?

Started by delphinemeasroch, December 02, 2021, 10:56:10 AM

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Hi! I have a rad runner plus, riding my son to school everyday. But it's starting to be icy and I want to put studded winter tires. But they dont seem to exist anywhere in 20 x3.3 (the tires size that the runner+ comes with). I found 20 x 4.0 studded tires, but would it fit? Thanks for your advice if you have one!


Where did you find 20"x4" studded tires?

thank you.


I'm in Montreal, someone at "" is selling 20x4 inch fat tire and studding them if requested.
But still not sure if 20 x 4 tires fit on rad runners (our tires are 20 x 3.3)


See this post in this forum about tire chains that will fit your wheels.

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Has anyone tried the Schwalbe Marathon Winter Plus tires ( on the RadRover? The rim size is 55mm, so they might fit?