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Security skewer and seat post security

Started by reggy, November 27, 2021, 11:16:43 AM

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What are you folks using for security for the quick release. The front quick release skewer measures approx. 18 cm, there a security skewer available for that size? What are you guys using to secure the seat?



Quote from: reggy on November 27, 2021, 11:16:43 AMWhat are you guys using to secure the seat?


I'm protecting a Cloud 9 seat and a Redshift suspension post worth over $275 together, so I replaced the quick-release clamp with a conventional post clamp in 31.8mm size, then I replaced the hex bolt for the clamp with a tamper-resistant Torx version in 6x20 size.  Of course, you'll need a special Torx tool for that bolt:  - I recommend you carry that tool on the bike in case you need to adjust or remove the seat in the field.

Pic below; hope this helps.  The blue tape is just a position marker to reset the seat to the same height while I was adjusted the Redshift tension - I eventually added another seat clamp in 28.6mm (not easy to find this size) to the Redshift post itself, so now I just drop the seat assembly down until it stops with one clamp on top of the other, center it and tighten the bolt for perfect realignment.
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The clamp with the torx bolt is a great and simple idea. But if like me you share your bike with your wife its needs to stay adjustable. A low level of protection could be a simple small cable looped around the frame of the seat itself (and around the bike frame) with a small combo lock.  Or a better cable looped around whatever locking method you use to keep someone from stealing your entire bike....   

I'm considering buying a brake disc lock (common on heavier motorcycles, not as effective on a 70 lb bike of course), and then you could run a thin cable thru the disc clamp.  I'm considering this Kryptonite K004776 disc lock because it has a loud alarm built in, but I'm not sure how much you have to move the lock in order for it to activate - would just picking the bike up be enough?  But if it is just to use while in a store (and not overnight outside your home), it might be enough.