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Any heads-up on a Rad Black Friday or other sales?

Started by sc00ter, November 24, 2021, 03:52:41 PM

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I might pick up another RadRunner 1. I miss mine. I'll need to purchase fenders, Tannus liners and seat and pogo post again. If I can save a few bucks that'll be great! Kicker is if I order another "Runner 1 I'll ride it for awhile, give it a good shake down (I know all the stuff that needs attention from my prior 'Runner) and possibly pass it onto a friend who could really use an ebike to help him get more mobile. But I really do miss my little 'Runner that I sold. Still a great bargain for the price.


I am guessing we will see a Black Friday deal beyond the current offers though it appears they are waiting for the actual day to announce. I am tracking deals here:


Thanks for the info Ryan. Now I need to decide between a 1 or a Plus. I'm in on the pre-sale for the RipRacer by Juiced but the more I look at it I realize that the "Runner fits my needs better. I assume that all the shipping on accessories are still free if you buy them at the time of the ebike? Either way I should be back in the Rad family again.


Posted on the main thread as well but here is the Rad Black Friday sale:

Rad Power Bikes officially announced their Black Friday sale! They are offering a $100 discount code to use for a future purchase. While it doesn't sound like a big sale - this deal can be stacked according to their website:

This link will take you to the full list of their sale so you can get an idea of how the deal can stack:

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Somehow I ended up getting the Juiced RipRacer instead. I think the snazzy colors swayed my purchase. I don't mind waiting either.

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