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Battery lock

Started by Cocoz, November 22, 2021, 05:55:06 AM

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Hi guys,

I was wondering if anybody has managed to secure the battery properly with a lock or other device?
Batteries are expensive and it has come out that the key provided by Rad can easily be bought for a few quid and used to steal batteries.
I was thinking of carrying my battery around when leaving the bike unattended in town but I just realized how heavy it is.
In other forums people managed to secure the battery on Rad bikes where it is placed under the saddle by inserting a large washer that blocks it when released.
Did anyone find a way to do it somehow with the Wagon?



I bought the battery case in order to carry the battery around while I was off the bike. Unfortunately the case is too long to fit in the front basket and it's too long to carry my RW4 battery and be correctly balanced while carried by hand. It's awkward.
I was using one of those reusable grocery bags to protect the battery plugs while grocery shopping and the battery was in my cart. Since my large basket came in I see that the battery case comfortably fits inside it as well as inside the new large folding bag Rad sells so I can use the battery case for protection while shopping now.
It's still not a good solution if going somewhere, like for a quick coffee and one simply wants to leave their bike for three or four minutes (locked up of course.) Consequently when I get the time, the weather changes or we use the car I'm going to visit our locksmith to see if they can come up with a solution. I'm hoping they will be able to resolve the issue for me. I don't know much about locks but I've watched the Lockpickinglawyer on YouTube and understand a bit about how they are put together and come apart. Hopefully the locksmith can fix it or simply replace the cylinder with something else that actually needs a key instead of a blank.

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