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Started by grlrider, November 03, 2021, 12:11:41 PM

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Hi everyone I'm new to the forum ...I just ordered my 1st Rad a Radrunner + I know the rad site site states that riders between 5'2 and up can ride the rr+ So I went ahead and ordered it I have an inseam of 30" 5'4" and was wondering if I would be able to flat feet at stop signs etc. I just would like some real feedback not just relying on website.


Hey there. I have a radrunner plus and am similar height/inseam. The only way you'll probably be able to stop and touch the ground while still seated is if you keep the original, incredibly uncomfortable seat. As soon as I added a suspension post and decent seat I lost the ability to stay seated and safely reach the ground while seated. Rad's specs on the bike are a bit misleading - they state the distance from seat to the bottom of the pedal stroke. They really should also provide a measurement from the seat to the ground, as that is an important measurement, especially for shorter riders.


Thank you mtngrl darn it that's why I knew I had to ask someone who had one and could tell me for real.

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