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Will a RadMission battery work on my RadRover bike?

Started by RichFeldhaus, November 02, 2021, 04:04:42 PM

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Ended up ordering and receiving the wrong model battery for my RadRover.  The connectors look the same, both are 48V and polarity.  The little plastic tabs that interface with the connector plate are a little smaller/less heavy duty, but look like they're in the same place and it does snap in place securely.  The smaller RadMission battery is 10.5AH and seems to attach solidly to the bike -- but I chickened out on turning the key and powering on the bike for an actual test.  The official position of Rad is that this battery is not compatible with my RadRover and cautioned me against trying it.  Then they tried to sell me the 15AH version.

Anyone know if this battery would be compatible with my bike?




Quote from: RichFeldhaus on November 02, 2021, 04:04:42 PM
The official position of Rad is that this battery is not compatible with my RadRover and cautioned me against trying it.

Yeah, I feel like they won't level with you over email. I have a radMission and I asked if the current LCD upgrade would allow me to increase the speed limit to 25. I got the glomar response.

this is just a guess, but I'm an electrical engineer...

The battery has same voltage but less capacity. this means that there is probably the same number of cells in series (voltage adds in series), but less cells in parallel (amps add in parallel). This means that for a given current requirement, each individual cell will need to supply more current in the radMission battery than the radRover battery. The current demands for the radRover are more than the radMission. This is probably why they are telling you not to do it. The current demand from the radRover for each individual cell might shorten the overall life of the battery, or in an extreme case, cause a failure (overheat a cell?). In any case, you probably won't see the effects until later...


Quote from: synthesizerman on November 03, 2021, 09:44:39 AMI got the glomar response.

I've got nothing for you on the battery, but I loved that. 
ex-Hughes guy here.   ;)
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