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My New Radrunner Plus

Started by RayStDenis, October 29, 2021, 11:11:13 PM

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Just added a few accessories to my new Radrunner Plus.

Hurtle (HURSHL18) Wireless Helmet controller for turn signals
SPIRIT BEAST Handlebar Mount Motorcycle Clock
Motorcycle Phone Mount Wireless Charger 15W and USB-C Input/Output
Bicycle Handlebar Extender 30cm Carbon Fibre
ROMOSS 20000mAh Power (PSN20) Bank PD QC3.0 USB-C Fast Charging Portable Battery Charger
Backey Universal Bicycle Handlebar Phone Holder (for powerbank)
Motorcycle Universal Helmet Lock
Motorbike/Bicycle Anti-Theft Alarm, waterproof, 113db
1859 North West - Galaxy Black e-Bike Thumb Throttle

Note that I moved the controller display to the new handlebar extender to raise it up higher.
Also, I zip tied the stock bundle of cables to the base of the handlebar.

Did 22KM in extremely hilly West Vancouver and only lost one bar. Loving this bike!


Looks nice in Vancouver! Got one coming to the Island next week.


You're going to love it. Just came back from Tofino - so many bike trails. Wish I could have brought it with me.

One thing you will find is that all of the accessory screws are over-torqued and will strip when trying to remove them. Get a good set of Speedouts to remove them and replace with better screws.

Also, check out the thumb throttle I mentioned above. It makes such a difference because you can now have a good grip with your palm and 4 fingers and only your thumb controlling the throttle.

Hope the rain stops before yours arrives.


Looks cool,  3D printed too. Think I have something laying around the house that will do the trick. Think I'm going to invest in a hitch bike rack for our SUV. That way we can bring it easily with us to Tofino ;)


I've done my share of upgrades including a 54 tooth front chainring and the EggRider for a bit more power and torque. My bike is also my car so I needed the extra oomph. I also ditched the pretty headlamp for one that actually works at night. I had to get an adjustable front stem so I could get the handlebars lower and a bit away from me. That did the trick.

I LOVE my Plus!!


That looks great! I haven't done any mechanical upgrades yet. Waiting until after my 150km inspection from Rad.

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