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I’m a newbie. I’ve searched, radcity stepthrough version 5 won’t turn on

Started by Paka4141, October 14, 2021, 04:36:40 AM

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My older parents got 2 version 5's, high bar and step through. Parents are 65 and 67. I put the bikes together for them 2 nights ago and went for a rip with my dad. Next day my dad took it for 3 miles and my mom got scared and only rode around the block because she wants a helmet before any long rides (irrelevant I suppose)

Anyways, I jumped on her bike and walked it down the driveway and hit the on button and nothing happened. The controller won't turn on and the mph display stays off too. The only bit of power comes from when the headlight blinks for a nanosecond if you keep trying the on switch. Battery is full charged on the 10 bar indicator. Talked to rad and checked all the connections. Only thing they are doing right now is sending a wiring harness. Kinda sucks to only have ridden the bike 1 mile and it won't work now for a 1800 dollar bike. Anyone else have this type of issue? Thanks for your reply's

Edit: also tried the controller, screen and battery from the working bike on the non working bike and same issue. Put the good working stuff back on my dads bike it it works as it should


I had the same problem recently with my RadCity ST 3. There is a connector that's not too far from the switch that was loose. I tightened it back up and the bike is working fine again. You may want to check that.

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