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Radwagon 4 Errors

Started by 1608chris, September 29, 2021, 10:48:22 AM

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I'm new here and am seeking some advice regarding our Radwagon 4. Recently it has been unreliable, which we initially suspected was due to the battery seating in the connector. Now with the battery firmly seated we only get drive from the controller with the lights on. If you turn the lights off, the motor ceases to respond to any PAS input. This thing isn't that complicated, so I'm at a loss as to why the light function is impacting the drivetrain operation.

So as I said, any help with the above or similar experience would be gratefully received. I don't want to have to send this behemoth of anywhere for investigation.

In case it matters, we have a European specification bike in London.

Thanks in advance, Chris


Interesting. It almost smells like a corroded connector or something.

What happens if you turn on the lights without them plugged in? Still have throttle?

Does it stop throttling if you turn off the lights whilst accelerating?

Edit: You said "PAS", is that exclusive to pedal assist or does it also affect manual throttling?


Sorry, I hadn't received an alert to your response so apologies for the lag. To my mind the problem is related to the battery seating. Though I don't get why the light being on is such an issue. The other day I lost power cycling along and the control panel flashed an error 30. Removing and slotting the battery back down hard remedied the problem.

The hand throttle barely ever seems to have any impact, as I understand it's only an assist in the EU?

I will have a play with the throttle and see if I can diagnose any further cause and effect.



If I remember correctly the international bikes are limited in maximum wattage. So while you have a hand throttle, it probably doesn't pull as much as it would in the states (750 watts).

To address the light being on. Without it, the power load may decrease just enough that, if there is say a corroded or loose connector, might not allow electricity to flow into the motor.

Adding a little dielectric grease onto your battery terminals should help. Probably add a little to the plug supplying your motor for good measure.

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