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Compressed air

Started by Ddaybc, September 11, 2021, 10:05:48 AM

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Hello everyone. I'm a new Rad owner and also new to this forum.
My question is, Has anyone used the small compressed air cylinders to refill their tubes after they have repaired a flat? If so, what adapter was used to make it compatible with the schrader valves on our bikes?
By small compressed air cylinders I am referring to the small ones that used to be used for BB guns, inflating balloons etc. I think one can still find them at hobby stores but I'm not sure anymore as it's been a few decades since I saw them. They're only about three inches long and 3/4 to one inch wide but they contain a fairly high volume of air.
I think carrying one or two of them would make re-inflating a tire less of a chore and would take less time than pumping the tire up. Might even make for a smaller toolkit too.



Search amazon for "co2 inflator".  Widely used, but be aware they don't have enough air to 'fully' inflate your tire let alone seat the bead on Rover fat tires.  You'll need to use several, or just carry a pump.


RiderDan, thank you. I couldn't think of what to call them. Co2 inflator. Cool. I think I'll try them to see how much they inflate the tires as I have small ones (volume wise I hope so) on my Radwagon 4.
Once I get some, I'll let the air out of one of my tires until it's "flat" and then use one or two of them to inflate it and maybe it would be "enough" to get me home, so to speak. Of course if they don't inflate it enough I will simply pump the tire the rest of the way up but I will let everyone know how it works.


This works great. It's small and fast.
Baseus Tire Inflator Portable Air...


That's a nice option Mori55. Thank you. I'll be thinking of something like that instead of the small cylinders I was originally talking about. They seem to be getting good reviews too.


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