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Started by Albert George, September 03, 2021, 09:43:23 AM

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Albert George

We just ordered 2  Mini step thru's .......being seniors with some health issues we are concerned that we might not get full use out of these nice bikes.......but we want to give it a shot.

Does anyone have a idea on a realistic price to sell them if we decide they are too much for us to handle?

Example....we have 1 year and put 1000 miles on each bike.

What is a reasonable price we could sell them for?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


I think that's impossible to predict; it would depend on people's economic expectations, discretionary cash and what competitor bikes are available in the future.  Look at what seems to be a permanent price reduction in the current Mini models (wish I'd gotten mine for that price!) and the Lectric XP 2.0 competition - bikes are getting better, for less money, at least for now.  PotatoJoe inflation may have changed that a year from now.

I wouldn't worry about reselling even before you have them.  Pace yourselves, put as much effort into pedaling as you wish, but take it easy at first to get used to it and let the motor help you.  If you have significant physical difficulties, you might want to go into the hidden menu at first to set the max speed lower than 32 km/hr so that it won't get away from you accidentally, and remember you should be able to set it as high as 40 when you're ready to zoom.  It'll take a while to get it all adjusted to fit you (I expect you'll end up with different seats too), develop the instincts to make everything feel natural and effortless and by then I bet you won't have any thoughts of getting rid of them. 

Yes, I'm encouraging you to give the bikes, and yourselves, a good long chance.  I really wobbled around on mine the first day or two after at least 15 years of no bicycle riding - now I've regained all those old habits and skills so it's easy and fun.  Remember that even small adjustments in seat height, seat angle, fore/aft location and handlebar height can really make a difference in posture and comfort.  There are some pretty good vids out there to show you suggested proper setups, but I went through 5 seats to find my keeper one, even so.

Just enjoy the ride, help it along to the degree you want to and be patient with yourselves; that's the beauty of e-bikes.
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I regularly see lightly used Rad bikes priced at around 50% of their new price on Craigslist. I wouldn't pay more than that since they have wear and tear, no warranty and the possibility of not being able to get replacement parts from Rad.

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