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RadRunner Plus flatout?

Started by Katon, August 28, 2021, 07:47:17 PM

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Hello, I just got the rad runner plus and I know it has puncture resistant tires and I have not gotten a flat yet but is it save to use the flatout on the tires? I am also a inexperienced noob at ebikes  😅


Flatout isn't actually marketed for bicycle tires for some reason, not sure why.  Bolton did test it in a bicycle tire though and it held up well.


I have some one the way... so I hope so lol.  It should be fine.  Bolton did a great test with a bunch of stuff and Flat out worked best.


Looks like a great idea. I am curious - which version of FlatOut did you purchase? Sportsman? Multi-purpose?


I haven't gotten it yet, I wanted to know other's thoughts on it before i get it :)


Several months ago I posted here on the forum if anyone had used flat out. There were no responses.
On my red mini I installed tannus armour and used flat out in the tubes. I have not had any flats since then.
I just recently received my Rad runner Plus and it came with the tannus armour and I will use the flat out in the tubes.
It was the Bolton video that convinced me to do this.

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Do all of the Radrunner Plus bikes come with tannus armour installed? I received mine in November (Canada) and no idea if it was installed.


My Tannus Armour arrive the same day as my Rad Runner Plus but in a separate box and I had to install tannus armour.

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Radding Along

Tanus is an option, not standard.