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melting charger!

Started by tattoo jack, August 22, 2021, 12:39:39 AM

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tattoo jack

i just bought a rad wagon 4 from the greenwood store inperson. paid cash full.price,and also purchased an extra battery. followed all instructions on charging and tomy dismaywhile on the third charge ofmy batteries i went to getthe batterywhichitimef exactly as suggested by instructions i nearly freaked when i saw the charger was basically a melted box not smoking and not completely gush but a sorry looking mess. i now although the battery seemed fine noticed that only after like 15 minutes of charging it goes from green to red and i cant imagine that the battery is charged inthat time.i will now regretably be seeing if it will even give  me any kind of bars tomorrow. the really messed up thing is i spent my unemployment funds that i seriously thought was gonna be a smart purchase and went for the cargo rad bike thinking it would be a good working bike for both deliveries if needed and a personal hauler .got the extra battery and withintwo rides each aboutbmax 23 miles per fully charged battery i now have a melted charger and one battery yet the other a waste. not trying to be sour but i feel pretty  well ripped off. i understand a buisness and was proud at first even go so far as to buy s hat for thirty bucks i am happy with the two rides ive taken but feel very bummed out and i am an optimist .the people i have shown the bike too dont seem very stoked ide say the overall feel is like on a scale of one to ten its like a 2.3 in satisfaction and i truly just feel really worse of the would i have just put a no name hub kit on a vrap bike and saved 1800 dollars. but lesdon learned. i guess its gonna be a new era of ? what i dont know. now looking for a place to live and rent being like 2000 bucks a month i am thinking this is