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RadRover 5/6 Mods: New Owner, Cloud 9 Cruiser, SR Suntour NCX 12 Suspension Seat

Started by LDS Prepper, August 15, 2021, 02:17:08 PM

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LDS Prepper

We have purchased and are waiting for our Rover 6 plus bikes.
We will be doing street and low to medium trail riding.
My wife is concerned about seat comfort.
Would you recommend upgrading the seat and post to Cloud 9 Cruiser, SR Suntour NCX 12 Suspension Seat?
Thank you.



Yes you will need a better seat but you will find that out on your own. Bikeroo seats are also a good option plus they look better IMO. A suspension seat post is also a plus but it limits on how much you can lower the seat for a short person.


Here's a little writeup on my seat experience; maybe it'll be a bit of help to you:

I have also added a Redshift ShockStop suspension post; fits perfectly and the combo is pretty great.
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


In San Diego, just picked up two RadRover 6 Plus Step-thru, charcoal. Initially, ordered from the website -  Sept 30 estimated ship date. Yesterday, received an email from RPB that they had bikes in stock in SD. Called tech support to confirm - they also said no bikes prior to Sept 30. Next, tried the Imperial Beach store directly. No one answers the phone there, just goes straight to VM which no one responds to if you leave a message. So I just drove down there this morning to see for myself. And there they were, two fully assembled RasRovers and I was told they had boxed versions as well, my choice.I alerted sales staff that their tech support doesn't even know these bikes are in stock at the store, they just shrugged and said "corporate communications isn't the best". Ugh.

I'll post some initial findings today, definitely a mixed bag.


Congrats on your Soft Release special surprise!  I'm on the list in Seattle for a Step-Thru White.  Question?  You said you initially ordered via the website.  Once you picked up at Imperial Beach showroom, how easy was it to cancel your online pre-order.  Did you cancel via online, phone, or at the store?  Refund back the card in 2 business days?


You would think if you went in the store and saw one for sale they could look it up see that you had paid for one already.


I ordered one too. Before I buy different seats or suspension post I'm going to ride it for a couple of weeks. It take a while to break in your butt for riding. I learned that lesson years ago.


I emailed rad requesting that they add the sun(comfort) seat as an option. Fat tire bike are typically purchased by customers who want comfort.  Also Rad does not seem to respond to emails, I have sent three with no response.