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Radrover 6 plus motor.

Started by Mori55, August 11, 2021, 06:20:25 AM

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They claim the new motor has more torque than the 5. But the specs show 69nm and the 5 is 80nm. So how does it have more torque?


Perhaps some advertising copy writer buys into the new age, minimalist "less is more" mantra?



The torque of Rad planetary geared hub drive motor is applied directly to the wheel, it does not go through the gear train as it does on a mid-drive Ebike.


I was referring to the planetary gears in the motor.


Rover 6 does have more torque than the 1. We own both, the 1 is about a year old. I ride trails, canyons, and paved paths. Rover 6 seems to be able to climb one pedal assist lower then same areas on the older Rover 1.  Front end also seems a bit lighter which is nice.  Battery is equal to or maybe 10% better not yet sure on that.