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RadMini ST Folding Problem

Started by hallamericans, July 25, 2021, 05:50:21 AM

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Just assembled our two new RadMini ST's. Test rides were all good (brake adjustment needed on one), but when we went to fold them one folded up easily, and the other just won't budge! With two of us holding, pushing, twisting, we can't get it to fold. I sprayed some silicon lube into the hinge, but hinge binding doesn't seem to be the problem.

Any ideas???


The #1 thing to do is to formally document the problem and submit a report to Rad support, if for nothing more than a CYA. Be sure to take pictures of the bike not folded, they're notorious for asking for dumb things like that.

You might want to try a TRUE penetrating oil or spray like KROIL.

The next thing might be to to try to budge or even remove the hinge pin, but I wouldn't do this without documented direction from Rad Support. They may instead tell you to take the bike to a local bike shop so a professional can beat on it with a hammer because they assume that all their customers are dumb a__es.


I too am having a folding problem. When first purchased (3 mo ago) it folded with effort. Now it is nearly imposible to fold. Penetrating oil has not helped.


The latch pivot tends to slide a little out of place.  I just use a flat blade screwdriver and slide it down a bit so that the lever doesn't jam against the safety lock mount.  It moves big deal.


Did anyone find a solution to this? I have had the same problem since purchase.