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New Bike Discounts

Started by bigpapaporsche, July 21, 2021, 01:24:22 PM

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We are ready to order 2 new RadMini ST with several accessories. I've seen on YouTube that a Military/Teacher Discount is available but I haven't been successful contacting Rad to ask how to apply to get them, Any Ideas?


Try calling them directly; I have had very good experiences dealing with their CSRs, although you might have to wait a bit to get somebody to pick up your call.

As I recall Rad used to offer $200 off for a 2-bike purchase, but these days with supplier shortages, inflation and delayed deliveries I don't know if they still do - all the more reason to talk to them directly.
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I can't find the Rad Phone numbers anywhere. Any body know it.
I've seen Discounts on are available on YouTube, i.e. Military/Teacher/Friend Referral/$200.00 off a second Bike/50% off accessories. Also, I've heard that you have to ask for their "Tier 2 level of their Customer Service Dept.


I don't think they offer those discounts anymore.

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