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Cafe Racer?

Started by RadNotDad, July 03, 2021, 08:21:13 AM

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I've just ordered a RadRunner Plus and am stoked to get it in.

In my research, there's a lot of mods and customizations I've seen done to it.

My goal is to end up with something like the attached image but on my RadRunner.

Does anyone here have experience with the following:

  • Raising the RadRunner center console storage?
  • Painting said console?
  • Changing the handlebars on the Plus?
  • Upgrading the lighting? I've found some lights with Higo connectors but are they plug and play?

I've already found a custom seat from etsy that matches that racer style seating and stitching, so that's not a concern.

Any and all help or simply direction is appreciated.


You can get curved, low rise BMX bars which would be close to the cafe style bars.

Console is paintable, the sky's the limit.

The main limiting factor for lighting is that the controller only supplies about a 1 amp at 5v from the USB, so you're probably better off with a battery powered light.

I've picked up a very similar headlight cluster for mine, but I've yet to figure out how to power it...

Best of luck, I love seeing creative Rad builds!


Not sure you'd want to raise the center console unless you're tall, I'm 6'1" and it's not too easy to swing my leg over it.  I guess you could swing your leg over the back if you're not going to have a rack or child seat on there.  You'd have to drill new holes in the console to line up with mounts on the frame, and use some kind of spacer under the bottom.   You can change the bars, but you'll have the extra long wiring harness to deal with, I don't know why they made them so long, it's my least favorite thing about the bike. 


Quote from: MagnumPA on July 12, 2021, 02:44:48 PM
Not sure you'd want to raise the center console unless you're tall

The only reason I'm considering raising it is because it looks better. That's the only reason. I'm reconsidering now if it requires drilling new holes but I do still want to paint it.

Quote from: MagnumPA on July 12, 2021, 02:44:48 PM
I'm 6'1"

Same. I already struggle with getting my leg over because I don't stretch and my flexibility is nonexistent. Thanks for the heads up.


I'm 6'2 and have the Plus w/ center console - I agree that raising it would probably be more trouble than its worth. Your mileage may vary, but at my height I would never replace the seatpost with an elongated passenger seat like many mods seem to feature... unless I wanted to rely on the throttle only and never pedal.

I like the look of the moped/scooter bikes too like the Super73s, etc., but the lack of an adjustable seatpost was a dealbreaker for me and the reason I went for the Runner. I like to pedal and I want proper leg extension, but that's just me.