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Gear Changes

Started by Geoffrad, July 05, 2024, 10:02:38 AM

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I recently purchased a lightly used RADRover 5 (105 km).  It came with one manual that doesn't explain anything about riding the bike or how it works.  My gear cluster on the rear wheel chatters sometimes after changing gears and other times when i change pedal assistance the gears will sometimes change without me operating the controls.  With regard to the chatter i assume i can adjust it out of the derailleur.  But is the bike supposed to automatically change gears when i increase or decrease the power assistance?  It's a bit disconcerting going up a hill to have the gears change on their own and interrupt my rhythm.  I live at sea level in a very hilly area and everywhere is up from here.


I don't know much about that model, but I doubt it's intended to be changing gears in it's own. It seems likely to be related to the derailleur needing an adjustment. I'd probably start by reading Rads documentation on shifting, then looking at their guide to derailleur adjustment


First of all, I am glad you asked this question.

Just like a regular bicycle if you are having difficulty pedalling you shift to the next gear. With e-bike it gave you a motor and a pedal assist (PA) to control how much assistance you need. It all depends on the rider to select the amount of assistance. But it is not like an automobile, there are no automatic transmission.

I am no stranger to gear shifting as I am very familiar with manual transmission. But I am also very new to electric bikes. I rode around using PA 1&2 for a while and I thought I had the gists of how PA works but I had a misfortune of crashing big time when I tried climbing a big hill. I am in my 60's and my balance is not as good as it used to be. The combination of heavy bike, wrong gears, physical strength to pedal caused me to roll back and dropped the bike. The fall was hard enough that it broke my mirror. First time I am glad of wearing a helmet.

What I found was that it is not instantaneous, you cannot jump from 1 to 5 you have to ease up to it. You need to let the PA have time to sense the amount of torque. My incident happened on a curve therefore I have room to build my momentum. I have learned that I have to "feel" my pedaling to be confident enough to tackle a certain hill.

So now I use PA1 and go through gear 1 to 7 before I will use PA2. I am sure skipping gears and just using the pedal assist are what people are doing. And most importantly I look ahead and be ready if a big hill is in my path.

It also probably worth knowing that the throttle gives you boost if you need assistance to get over a small hill without changing your PA.

I am still learning and I do not mind being corrected if I am wrong.
Literally is LITERALLY the most annoying word of the decade.


the derailer might be bent from a fall.  adjusting the derailer might help but it might need to be pulled/pushed into alignment.