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RadCity 5 Plus EU version bottom bracket torque sensor replacement

Started by Muromets, June 19, 2024, 01:28:08 PM

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Hi everyone.

The shop that serviced my bike ripped the bottom bracket sensor cable completely with no hope of repairing.

I got no reply from the support so far and I am looking for possible alternatives. On Ali I found some models but none of them is 100% match.

The one that is in my bike is 165mm has a flat 6 pin cable

This one looks correct but have a 5 pin cable and the 83/160 dimensions:

The other one has 6 pin and correct 83/165 dimensions but the cable is from the side and the claw is strange:

Anyone knows what actual sensor is used in RadCity 5 Plus and if it can be ordered online?
Kind regards.