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Safe Shield™ Advanced Semi-Integrated Battery

Started by gooberff, June 18, 2024, 02:20:46 PM

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Safe Shield™ Advanced Semi-Integrated Battery is a new battery listed on the Rad site(for Rad city 5 plus).  Has anyone purchased this battery and if so any review?


I am thinking about getting one for a spare. I haven't heard of anyone buying one yet but they are ion all the new bikes now I understand. I gather from reading that they are a safer battery but, I haven't heard of one catching fire either. I did read where there were a few battery fires in cities but I don't know the particulars. I charge my battery, then disconnect it from the charger, unplug the charger, and put the battery in sleep mode. Right now the price is better with $200 off.


I purchased one (pre-sale) and had an issue with it properly locking into the frame. After examining the original battery that came with my Rad Rover 6+ I found the metal piece between the two batteries did not match. The bend in the metal on the new battery was a little off causing it to not be flush with the plastic. The bike did start just fine but I was hesitant to ride the bike without the battery properly locking.  I did contact Rad but while awaiting a reply I decided to see if I could fix the issue.  I do not have the tools to fix the metal piece to match the original battery but found if I loosen the screw holding the metal piece the battery would lock in place.  Before I resolved the issue with the metal piece, I did test the battery in the bike and had no issues.  I feel very confident about this battery and decided to purchase another as well.  Will be carrying two extra batteries on my rides. 

John Rose

I'm not sure where I read this, but I think the "Safe Shield" batteries have some kind of material that isolates each of the (15?) cells, so that if one cell overheats or catches fire it does not immediately spread to its neighbours.

edit - Oh, it was right here:
QuoteThe battery's thermal-resistant technology encapsulates each cell in a unique heat-absorbing resin. This can effectively stop the spread of a localized thermal event and can even extinguish the thermal incident.

I wonder if they have fuses that you can change without cutting them open.

edit - And now this:
  • Auto-resetting fuses
  • Battery management system with short protection
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