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RadRover easilly over 50mph

Started by JTK77, June 07, 2024, 10:04:48 AM

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No details on mods for suspension, brakes, tires, bearing, etc... Not sure why this wouldn't be a (electric) motorcycle?  I wouldn't want to have a Radrover that can go +50 mph and having to do an emergency stop or have a mechanical failure at those speeds.  The fastest I've gone on my 16 Radrover was around 28 mph downhill and probably would have overheated the brakes if I had to do an emergency stop.
2023 Himiway Cobra Pro, two 2018/2023 Radcity Step-Thru, & two 2016 Radrovers


Frame, bottom bracket, front rim and stem are stock.
Mostly custom build and modded parts. Including liquid cooled motor, custom lockable downtube battery etc. Brakes are DH grade Magura MT5e f223/f203mm.