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High battery drainage after tire change

Started by Nickovest, June 06, 2024, 08:50:27 AM

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Hi there

Had a flat tire last week and therefor I made the decision to go from 3.3" tire to 4.0" because it's easier to find puncture 'free' tires in that size. Also I chose the city tire so the wheels won't make as loud a noise.
However, now the acceleration is more slow and it feels like I've gained twice my weight. The top-speed without helping much is now 23 km/h whereas before it was 24.5 km/h.
Most annoying is that the battery is using way more power and is now going only 30 km when I was going 45-50 before.
Seems like everything is running smooth, and there is no weird sounds and the tires are filled to the maximum psi.

Have anyone experienced the same or has a suggestion to fix it?

My plan B is of course to change the tires back to the original 3.3" but I'm not sure this will fix it.

All the best


which bike are you on?

but yea, fat tires are going to definitely eat up some range and you've got to work harder to pedal. there's more rubber touching the pavement with fat tires.