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contact adress Rad Power bikes EU?

Started by Rob, June 05, 2024, 06:55:31 AM

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Dear Rad Power Bike riders,
My English is not that good , so I try to explain my problem as good as i can.

I'm searching for a contact adres Rad Power Bikes EU thats still works.
I want to solve the problem  with my pas secondary display, but untill today i did not receive any answer, is there anyone who can help me with an adres that still works? or does anyone know how i can solve my problem?
I sent my question to:

My Name is Rob, I'm from Holland 53 years old and fond of my Rad Rhino 6 Stepthru. ( almost 1 year old)
The problem is when i turn of my bike via the secondary display pas ( the orange on /off button) the display turns on again out of itself...( also the display on the bicycle handlebar turns on)
Sometimes it takes a few seconds, sometimes a few hours, and some times a whole day but eventually is turns on again.
I think the problem is caused by something like a shortcircuit? in the secondary display?..
Can anyone tell me more about this problem?
I also sent an e mail to Rad Power: EU Customer Experience and:
Thats a week ago but untill today no answer ( maybe it takes a few more days to receive an answer?)
Thanks for the attention.
Greetings Rob.


I think I read a similar problem but I cannot remember the old post. It might be unfair for me to point the problem to the controller since I cannot find that old post.

I suggest contacting the US site . They probably can tell you the nearest support for your location.
Literally is LITERALLY the most annoying word of the decade.


Thank you Naranja. Yesterday i got contact with Rad Power in the US :)