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Secondary display turns on out of itself

Started by Rob, June 04, 2024, 08:00:03 AM

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Dear Rad Power Bike riders,
My English is not that good , so I try to explain my problem as good as i can.
My Name is Rob, I'm from Holland 53 years old and fond of my Rad Rhino 6 Stepthru. ( almost 1 year old)
The problem is when i turn of my bike via the secondary display pas ( the orange on /off button) the display turns on again out of itself...( also the display on the bicycle handlebar turns on)
Sometimes it takes a few seconds, sometimes a few hours, and some times a whole day but eventually is turns on again.
I think the problem is caused by something like a shortcircuit? in the secondary display?..
Can anyone tell me more about this problem?
I also sent an e mail to Rad Power: EU Customer Experience and:
Thats a week ago but untill today no answer ( maybe it takes a few more days to receive an answer?)
Thanks for the attention.
Greetings Rob.


That's a bummer. 

If you like to tinker, I suggest replacing the controller and get a new screen.  They come as a kit.  It will replace the 2 screens you have to one color screen.  More information on it and more ways to adjust the settings.  It will also give you more torque and power. 

In the US I bought mine from Area13.  Others have purchased from from Electrobikeworld.  They are not always in stock at Area13 but they have great customer service.

I am sure there is someone in Europe that sells an upgraded controller/screen set.

Anyway I am sure this upgrade will solve your problem.


Thanks Inoxa, I will search for such a kit.
Hope to ride my bike soon again.

John Rose

The instructions for swapping the LED display/control panel for an LCD display include this step:

QuotePrepare the bike for maintenance. Press and hold the Power button on the display until the bike turns off, remove the battery, then press and hold Power button again to discharge any remaining power.
I don't think your bike has the same original display, but it would still be interesting to see if it turns itself on again after you do that extra step of "discharging remaining power".
You should be able to put the battery back in and lock it as long as you don't switch it on with the key.

It would be really inconvenient to have to do that every time though. :(
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