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battery charger/adapter specs

Started by lizardrider, May 12, 2024, 07:30:08 AM

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Hi, does anyone know the electrical specs on the the power adapter for the rad city 3 battery. HTE 48V 14aH.
Can't easily find this online.

thanks in advance :D

John Rose

If you're thinking of making or buying a non-Rad charger that is not specifically said to work with Rad batteries, it may not help.

(Shaggy Dog Story follows)
I have some power tools by Radley, a budget house brand of Home Hardware. I also was gifted with a Benchmark (another Home Hardware brand) cordless mower with two 20V batteries, but no charger because she needed for Benchmark tools that she was keeping.

Here's the thing - the two brands of batteries look identical, have the same voltage, same connection terminals. Even so, I cannot charge the Benchmark batteries with the Radley charger. It doesn't even "see" the battery. So I bought a Benchmark charger for the mower.

The Benchmark battery works in the Radley drill, but the Radley batteries do not work in the mower. Putting a Radley battery in the Benchmark charger gives a solid red LED, code for "defective battery".

So, what I'm suspecting is that one or the other battery brand has a chip in its BMS that enforces brand loyalty, under the pretense of "safety". If you do find the specs you are looking for, who knows if there isn't something in the Rad battery that is not mentioned in the charger spec.
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