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Radwagon Cargo 2019? replacement motor

Started by CanadianBrickCafe, April 27, 2024, 06:49:50 PM

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all in high spirits today.

My Radwagon will not start so I am here to get some advice, I tried reseating all the cables as well as cleaning all the connections with no luck

after hours of Googling several people mentioned it may be the controller. LSW765-28-5FB-19 x19060006322 so I purchased an upgrade kit from...

I hired Velofix come by today to install the upgraded controller I noted above but they had the same issue I was having before with the new controller kit. I hired them as I wanted paperwork showing I hired a "Professional" Bike repair person to do the installation for warranty.

This didn't fix the issue and I have the same problem. So I am thinking now it may be the wire harness. But I am also thinking if I am going to get a new wire-harness I might as well also finish the upgrades and replace the motor (Shengyi Hybrid) Direct Drive motor ? with something better.

The reason why I want to get these upgrades is because this e-bike has a very hard time getting up hills here in Burnaby BC Canada, more often than not I have to get off the bike and walk up the hill.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I would prefer ordering from a Canadian source vs ordering from our friends south of the border in the USA due to high shipping and border-related fees.

Thanks in advance


For stuff like this I'd just bite the bullet and go to suppliers that do it regularly for this model and get the items that fit, and work and suck it up.

Since you're in the lower mainland, a quick hop across the border might help you out but I'd just as soon ship it and save the time personally. Before you go replacing everything I'd make sure the outputs from the controller are working as expected, it's just an electrical circuit, so I'd make sure I'm getting voltage and amperages as expected and signal wires are doing what they should be.  You may have a brake cable cutting power, or no power to the motor, or something like that that'll trip up any new controller and motor combo.

I haven't looked for a diagram myself (haven't needed to fortunately!) but I'd start there with an multimeter and a coffee.

Let me know how it goes, I'm keen for the controller and motor upgrade myself when the time comes.


still trying to find a replacement rear wheel + motor.
I had everything working and all was well until I tried to go up a very steep hill and the motor overheated. after walking up the hill and finding a nice cool breeze I let the bike sit for an hour and now it will do a 1/4 turn if that then stop.

so now I am messaging area13 / electric bike world for advice for a repalcement wheel + motor.

out of all the bike shops in my area Burnaby BC Canada I have only found one shop (Bikes for all) that is even willing to touch ebikes. all other palces wish my good luck and then show me the door (even other ebike reseller shops)


Quote from: Banjopete on April 28, 2024, 08:02:17 AMI'd start there with an multimeter and a coffee.
I agree with this, I see CrappyTire puts it on sale frequently. A simple multimeter will help you isolate where to concentrate your troubleshooting.

How is your riding style? Do you use mainly the throttle? Granted I have very little experience with an e-bike but I assume it will take a lot of effort to burn up a motor.

I may be misreading it but you said you hired a professional to install the upgrade. Therefore when they were done I assumed everything worked fine.

Now that I have a few kms riding my City+, I can comment regarding the hills of Burnaby. I grew up near the Royal Oak hills. And I used to work near BCIT on Canada Way. I have ridden my bicycle on those hills a lot. I now lives in Calgary and have ridden hills comparable to Burnaby and I must say that they are doable with the combination of PAS and the right gearing. I do not mean to compare myself to you but I said it to help understand where the problem is. There is a big area to troubleshoot between the battery and motor.

I liked the guys suggestions to an 80 year old rider re: hills.
Quote from: JoeUtah on February 11, 2021, 08:25:07 AMSitka glad to hear you're still riding at 80!!! As one of the early Rad Riders since 2017 I must tell you that unfortunately the Rad Rover is not a powerful off road hill climber, the hub drive motor cannot compete with mid-drives on the hills. That said I have taken my Rad to some high places which required lots of pedal assist from me with eventually using the "walk assist" function. I'll offer up my best advice to reach the summit and not fry the Bafang rear hub motor (easily done if overheated).

1.Always use the lowest gear! Take your time and enjoy the experience.
2.Any pedal assist from YOU is beneficial and almost mandatory, using throttle alone will overheat on steep hills.
3.When you do use throttle, watch your display, if you are exceeding 500 watts under full load and bogging down, the internal hub is heating up and bye bye motor.
4.When it gets real steep, get off and use the walk function.
5.What goes up must come down. Steep downhills on the way back can literally be your downfall, lower seat and make sure you periodically adjust your breaks (very easy to do with the mechanical, its just a turn of the allen wrench.)
Literally is LITERALLY the most annoying word of the decade.


Hi CanadianBrickCafe,
Check out Grin Technologies. They are situated somewhere in the Lower Mainland. I'm further north so I usually say they are in "Vancouver" but I don't know their location.
They can supply you with controllers, displays, direct drive hub motors and gear driven hub motors.


Quote from: Ddaybc on May 24, 2024, 08:27:08 AMin "Vancouver" but I don't know their location.
Thanks for the info. I may need it in the future.

Their website says 1290 Odlum Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3L9
Literally is LITERALLY the most annoying word of the decade.