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Rad Power Bikes New Model Discussion 2024

Started by Ryan, March 05, 2024, 05:04:49 PM

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 The new models do look good  , the thing is going to be if they are problem plagued and customer service. I have bought 4 ebikes since I got my Mini 4 , 2 for gifts.  None have been another Rad because of customer service. I can figure out most problems the one time I needed help useless.
I did not want to be everyone's mechanic for gift bikes. I bought 2 lectric xp lites for gifts , unbelievable customer service, sent free parts for a accident when I said I will pay. I bought 2 Gotrax for myself because of simplicity and price. Zero problems on any.


By the way, related to the new batteries on the Rad Power Bikes 2024 lineup - they now have a self-resetting fuse. On the old shark style batteries it was easier to replace the fuse. From my understanding on the RadRover 6+ and RadCity 5+ you had to disassemble the battery. There were several examples I saw of people sticking their keys accidentally into the charge port. Now if the fuse gets tripped, it resets itself. Seems like Rad was listening...


I like what they've done with the Radwagon. 20" tires, suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes. Precisely what I wanted to do with my RW4. That would ride even nicer with a suspension seat post. Nice upgrade Rad.


I see the new blkes have a 2 year warranty.