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New semi-integrated battery very low voltage when received

Started by Naranja_CT5+, March 02, 2024, 10:25:57 AM

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I received my new bike a few weeks ago. I put aside the battery aside since I have no use of it due to weather outside.
Now it?s time to start setting it up therefore I begin looking at charging the battery. I took the battery out of the bike and placed it at my work table. When I pressed the button for 3 to 5 secs to take it out of shipping mode, Nothing happened, no light at all.

So I decided to put the battery back in the bike and turn it on. On the LCD display there was a single flashing LED on the battery level indicator. Therefore I assumed since it has so low power was the reason that the shipping mode was not functioning.

I took a picture and proceeded to charge it anyways.

I was thinking why it was not in Shipping Mode? And has anyone received a new bike in such a low voltage state?
Literally is LITERALLY the most annoying word of the decade.

John Rose

FWIW, The manuals for the RadExpand 5 and the RadMini ST2 make no mention at all about "shipping mode" for the battery. My RadExpand arrived with about 80% charge. They are both external batteries though, so maybe the semi-integrated ones are treated differently.
I can't comment on how the RadMini's battery shipped because I bought it from a friend.
RadMini ST 2 / RadExpand 5


It just surprises me. I expected or assumed to see somewhere above 50% charged. To see less than one LED lit up gave me a little panic attack. Maybe this is their way of safely shipping the battery.

The good thing though is that it charged fully.
Literally is LITERALLY the most annoying word of the decade.

John Rose

RadMini ST 2 / RadExpand 5