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New Model Rad Rover Release date

Started by cafrank, March 01, 2024, 11:21:08 AM

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New Model Rad Rover

Any indication of when a new model will be released. I would like to replace my Rad Rover 5 with a new bike with much longer range. I am thinking about the Himiway Zebra with a much better battery (up to 80 miles) but would like to see what Rad will offer first.


I have a Rover 5 and a Wired step thru.  The wired has a larger battery much more powerful.  It is a larger bike but rides nicely.  The Rover is probably a better size for me.  If I had to do it over again, I would just order a larger battery for the Rover.  I already have the upgraded controller and upgraded True Bufang 750 watt motor on it.  A few other tweaks I may make is increase the front COG larger with more teeth and raise the handle bars.  Of course the battery larger 52watt and 20 plus Amp. (52 will only work with upgraded controller)  Already know the battery just deciding if I should invest.


Thanks for the response.  I can buy another battery for my Rad Rover 5 but the Himiway bike (Zebra) has hdralic brakes, better motor, more torque, a battery range of 80 miles which is built into the frame in a much better design and is only $1499 right now. It seems like it's a no brainer and I am hoping that Rad knows that and a new model from Rad will be competitive.


Check out Citizencycle on youtube.  He is unpaid and has done several reviews on different ebikes including Himiway.  He has done upgrades on many bikes as well.  He does range tests and motor performances too. Maybe that will give you more guidance.